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UHZ-SR Magnetic Flap Level Indicator

Product Detail Information

UHZ Series Magnetic flap level gauge use magnetic float as inductive component, through coupling  effect by magnetic float and color bar in the magnetic, it just like thermometer,we can read the level by eye directly without power ,it is easy to install, reliable and take less and lower maintenance on it, So people use it instead of glass level meter.
Also user can add Magnetic control liquid level gauge or 4~20mA output signal if necessary .Also it can be used with magnetic control switch or close to switch to control or alarm the liquid level.

Product features

Side mounting can be applied to special underground buried tanks, vertical tanks and horizontal tanks.
The floater is comparatively large without magnet inside. It recommends assisting measurement with carbon steel static well above DN100.
Top mounting is greatly different from other mounting conditions, so users have to take the overall immeasurable area caused by upper and lower immeasurable areas of floater into account.
With respect to the immeasurable area, the lower is about 5000mm and the upper is about 5000mm.